All my work is done by using photographs.  My burning pen is a RazorTip burner.  I have several tips that I use for various effects, such as hair detail and shading.  You can click on any of the photos to see a larger view.


I first start out by sketching in the basic outline of the subject using pencil.  I don't put very much detail in the sketch, just lines to show the hair growth pattern, and heavier lines and squiggles to give me an idea where dark spots and s hadowing is.


This is the finished portrait.  You can see from the previous photo that I start out with light burns, and work my way darker.  If I make a mistake, I have to sand off EVERYTHING and start all over.  In this photo the plaque has been oiled and sealed.  This is one of my favorite pieces that I've done, and just about bought it from the lady that commissioned it.



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